Gérard Faivre, you are an internationally recognized expert in the field of creativity, style and interior design. What inspired you to devote yourself to the world of golf and its real estate?

As creator of the “Luxury Ready-to-Live In” concept in France, I have been working with exceptional properties for more than 20 years.

The golf world has the same values and it was obvious that our two worlds should cross. I found it very easy to diversify and to have a leitmotiv : to design an environmentally responsible lifestyle for a world-renowned golf course.

Do you see the golf world and its natural surroundings as an innovative source of inspiration for your work?

It’s more than a challenge, it’s a duty. I have always respected the authenticity of a location, and to develop a real estate project on a golf course with its exceptional surroundings leads me to one sole objective : to wholly respect the area in designing a community which will blend perfectly with its natural surroundings while ensuring the privacy of each individual.

What impact does eco-responsibility have on your current project? What attracted you to the Domaine de Lavagnac?

Each of us must take responsibility for reducing the ecological impact. I am fully aware of its importance and that is the reason I wish to develop designer living with sustainable development at the forefront. Eco-friendly living, 100% autonomous using recyclable elements, while respecting the thermal regulations - RT2012 (rainwater systems etc…)

The Domaine de Lavagnac is located in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, known for its sunshine, vineyards and cultural heritage. The Lavagnac chateau, also known as the “Versailles” of Languedoc, dates back more than four centuries and stands among 192 hectares. Bringing the chateau back to life by transforming it into a luxury hotel and spa is such a wonderful thing for me.

To create a new habitat in such a prime location beside a golf course designed by a world- renowned golfer is too tempting a prospect.

What sort of creation or services can we expect to discover from your “Art Homes” brand?

The “Art Homes – Golf & Resort” has a mission to become the reference point as the premier environmentally responsible developer in the world of golf.

What will you do differently in comparison to your more classic transformations of beautiful Parisian or Provencal residences?

We have always worked with exceptional properties : prime locations, large surface areas, high value properties. We wish to use our savoir faire and to maintain the same level of excellence in our quality of work. The main difference is that these villas will be accessible to everyone.
Especially golf enthusiasts!

Do you envisage creating your own Golf Trophy for golf and lifestyle enthusiasts?

The “Domaine de Lavagnac” international golf course will undoubtedly become one of the most beautiful in Europe. It will be a point of excellence for golf enthusiasts and the proprietors. Along with my son Cyrille, we will be committed to following its development and to support prestigious tournaments. Of course, we are interested in the development of amateur tournaments and in forming strategic partnerships, notably with international golf enthusiasts..

Interview by P.S. for Premium Golf Club